"D" Litter von den Sieben Söhnen

Whelped 6/24/2019

4 boys & 3 girls


Alta von den Sieben Söhnen
ZB Nr. 0871/16
Whelped:  November 5, 2010
Color:  Brschl.m.br.K.u.Pln.

D2 (4h Search), AZP 1 (4h Search, 4h Pointing), HDB-1, Fw: SG


M: Anika von der Raucherei
V: Jurek KS von Kings Crossing


Alta was the pick of the litter out of our "A" litter breeding.  Just as we had hoped, she has turned out to be a phenomenal hunting companion and a valued family member.  She has a strong desire to please and catches on very quickly, which has made her very easy to train.    


Alta loves to hunt and is a very driven dog.  Her exceptional scores (4h) in search in both the Derby and Solms are truly a testament of her desire to hunt and find game.  Just like her mom, Alta has a very calm and quiet demeanor in both the home and the kennel.   


Alta is very well-rounded in both the field and the water.  She has a passion for hunting and finding game, exhibits a very strong prey drive, is a natutral retriever, and has a love of water.  We couldn't be more happy with her hunting abilities  



Ungaro vom Trocken Bach (Maui) 
ZB Nr. 0888/17
Whelped:  May 24, 2017
Color:  Schwschl.m.Pln.

D1, S1, Fw: V


M: Maggie vom Trocken Bach
V: Uno KS vom Mausberg


Maui is a beautiful, black and white male.  He has been extremely easy to train.  He is a very smart dog and has been very quick to catch on to all aspects of training.  He passed his Solms test with a Prize 1 at 15 months of age.


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