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Anticipated Whelp Date

February 7, 2018


Anika von der Räucherei, ZB Nr. 0103/11
Whelped:  November 5, 2010
Color:  Brschl.m.Pln

D1, AZP 3, HDA-2, Fw: V


M: Holly Moon Eyes
V: Vito vom Osterberg


Annie was our first DK puppy.  She has been a pleasure to own and train.  She epitomizes the characteristics  and versatility of the breed.  She has proven to be an excellent hunting companion with an abundance of natural ability.  


Annie has a very calm and quiet demeanor in both the home and the kennel.  She is especially well-mannered around our children and grandchildren.  She is very affectionate and loves to be around people.  


Annie is well-rounded in both the field and the water.  She has a passion for hunting and finding game.  She exhibits a very strong prey drive, is a nautral retriever and has a love of water.  


Conformation Report: Elegant female head witha dry throat and neck, top line and underline correct, tail set correct, front and rear movement correct.  Great presence.



Hoyt von Kings Crossing, ZB Nr. 0253/11
Whelped:  December 24, 2010
Color:  Schwschl.m.schw.K.u.Pln.

D1, AZP 3, HDA-2, Fw: V


M: Dusty vom Holtvogt
V: Zunder vom Wittekind


Hoyt (Cairo) is a beautiful, large, black and white male weighing in at about 80 pounds.  He has been extremely easy to train.  He is a very smart dog and has been very quick to catch on to all aspects of training.  He has a great love of water and likes to just go for a swim even when there may not be any game to chase or retrieve.


Cairo passed his NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 5 months of age and has performed well in his German tests.  He is very persistent in finding wounded game and will not give up until he has delivered the game to hand.


He has very good manners around people and is especially gentle with children.  He is very good around my two and three year old grandchildren, and despite his size, he seems to know that they are little and to treat them gently.  Unless of course, one of them has a hand-full of food, then he is an opportunist.


Conformation Report: Excellent head, dry neck and throat, top and bottom line correct, tail set correct, forechest correct, front and rear movement correct.



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